2011 – Serious Game for ALE (Agile Lean Europe)

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Agile Lean Europe (ALE) Network was looking to have Luxemburg’s insight on ALE. Jurgen Appelo wrote:”The purpose of a European network of Agile and Lean thinkers? Several times I discussed with fellow Agile/Lean speakers the dream of having a European “network” or”organization” that would solve the problem of our fragmented … Read More

2011 – World Cafe March

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“World Café” 15th March’s Agile Community Gathering : TEAM DYSFUNCTION The community gathering took the format of a very powerful meeting animation: the “World Café” animated by Pierre E. Neis. The “World Café” is one of meeting techniques that we (agile practitioners) are using for Retrospectives, Innovation and all kind of collaborative … Read More

2010- Agile Tour

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Program For the past few years Agile has spread in Luxembourg. This year Agile Tour is the opportunity to share feedback and experience about agile adoption and implementation in Luxembourg. Agenda 13h30 – 14h00 : Welcome & Registration PART 1 14h00 – 14h30 : Presentation 1: Advanced Biological Laboratories S.A. (Experience feedback) – Speaker: Oswald … Read More

Agile Practices

Agile Alliance provides and update on a regular basis a comprehensive guide of all agile practices. They decided to summarize it as a subway map This is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn the basics, but also those of us more advanced in their agile journey. It … Read More

Agile Methodologies

Some of the well-known agile software development methods: Scrum Agile Modeling Agile Unified Process (AUP) Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) Essential Unified Process (EssUP) Extreme Programming (XP) Feature Driven Development (FDD) Open Unified Process (OpenUP)