2015 – Betacube Hyperlink Meetup #6

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The Hyperlink meetup is the number one meetup for web professionals in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Meet like-minded professionals (developers, sysadmins, entrepreneurs, marketeers, designers, …) at our regular meetup at the Technoport in Esch/Belval. Sylvain will be there to talk about AIGLU. Schedule: 19h00 – Opening doors 19h30 – … Read More

2015 – #play14 – 2nd edition

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In March 2015, #play14 attendees came for the 2nd time at the Technoport in Esch/Belval to enjoy a wonderful weekend of Serious Games, with activities to foster communication and collaboration, LEGO Serious Play, innovative warmups and ice breakers and so on.   The first edition in 2014 had already been … Read More

2015 – Assemblée générale

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Rapport des activités 2014 La seule activité pendant l’année 2014 a été la  Conférence #play14, au Technoport,  le 14, 15 et 16 mars 2014. Pendant cette conférence il y a eu des activités et des jeux sérieux applicables dans des situations de coaching, formation et autres. Il y a eu des participants … Read More

2014 – #play14 – 1st edition

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In March 2014, AIGLU was one of the principal sponsors of the very first edition of #play14, an event about Serious Games. During this first edition, 34 people from all over Europe gathered at the Technoport in Esch-Belval, near Luxembourg, for a whole weekend of fun activities and games. Most … Read More

2012 – Smart specialisation: an alternative to delocalisation

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In current times of recession we must consider key to a successful sustainable economy concepts such as innovation, specialisation, strategy, time to market and optimised investment. These concepts are included in the Smart Specialisation approach, which promotes identification of the sectors, the technological domains, or the major arenas of likely … Read More

2011- Agile Estimation and Planning

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Pierre Neis and Oswald De Riemaecker has co-presented this Event. We started with a Marschmallow Challenge, we then reviewed the lessons learned from it: The power of prototyping, fast refinement give better results rather than upfront planning. The importance of various competencies, having a Team with various competency achieve better … Read More

2011- Agile tour

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Program For the past few years Agile has spread in Luxembourg. This year Agile Tour is the opportunity to share feedback and experience about agile adoption and implementation in Luxembourg. Agenda 13h30 – 14h00 Welcome & Registration PART 1 (two parallel tracks) Track A Track B 14h00 – 14h35 Scrum … Read More

2011 – Get a sense of Innovation Games

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During this Event, Yann Gensollen and Oswald De Riemaecker have shortly presented what are Innovation & Serious Games, then facilitated two Innovation Games with the participants including “Give them a hot tub” and “Remember the Future”. Our goal was to share some feedback from the Innovation Games Training Course we … Read More

2011 – Serious Game for ALE (Agile Lean Europe)

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Agile Lean Europe (ALE) Network was looking to have Luxemburg’s insight on ALE. Jurgen Appelo wrote:”The purpose of a European network of Agile and Lean thinkers? Several times I discussed with fellow Agile/Lean speakers the dream of having a European “network” or”organization” that would solve the problem of our fragmented … Read More