AIGLU Topics 2015/2016

Almost one month since the last AIGLU meetup and only know do we find some time to give some feedback on what happened.

This meetup started with all the participants presenting themselves and their level of understanding of what agility is (and is not). Then, the members of the board did a short presentation of AIGLU and its objectives, so that everyone could share the same understanding. This was followed by an interactive exercise which goal was to list the most interesting topics about agility according to the participants, what they wanted to hear and learn about. The session was finally closed by an open discussion about the agenda of AIGLU for the next months, just before everyone chilled out with cold drinks and snacks.

Concerning the topics that were proposed, here is a list of what the people that were present would like to know more about, grouped by themes :

Panel discussions / general subjects : 

  • Experience sharing (success and failures)
  • Better understand Agile concept, mindset
  • When to use which method ? (conditions, environment, R&D)
  • For which kind of product/project can Agile thrive the best ?
  • Practicing agility & best practices
  • Understand the why of Agile
  • What is new and usable with Agile ?
  • Is Agile good for my career ? And do I care about that ?

Agile boot camp

  • How to apply Agile to my project
  • Agility : quick start implementation

Tricks & tips

  • 1 team – multiple product owners
  • Estimations without using time units
  • Starting new projects while maintaining old ones

Scaling agile

  • How to best develop software with teams in different countries ? (tools & methods)
  • How to setup Agile in an organization (Agile transformation)
  • How to build/change a corporate culture ?
  • How can I promote Agile ? (promotion pack)
  • Agile successes in a very large project/team/organization

Agility for all

  • Agility for startups & non profit / NGOs
  • Agile for non-software industries/projects

Agile for managers

  • Agile contracts (T&M vs Fixed Price)
  • Agility & return on investment

Critics, improvement & future

  • After Agile : What’s next ?
  • What is wrong with Agile ?


  • Learn how to improve team work between business and development
  • Communicate better & achieve more with non violent communication (NVC)
  • User story mapping
  • CMMI & Agile

Agile mentoring


Next AIGLU meetup should be scheduled for end of August, because we think there is  no point in organizing something during the summer break. The subject should be an open discussions about experience sharing on agile successes and failures, either from attendees own experience, or from well known cases. If the weather allows it, we will try to do something outside, in the park or some other place. We are open to suggestions.

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