Our team (Board members)

  • Sylvain Chery
  • Sylvain Chery | President

    Sylvain is a co-founder, partner and director of Agile Partner. He is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship.
    Sylvain started his career as a business analyst and IT consultant. Since 2004, he has specialized in agile project management and consulting, mainly in the area of software development. Thanks to his mixed background and varied experience he is capable of assisting both business users/managers and technical teams in establishing an effective collaboration, and reaching their goals. He is result-oriented and pragmatic.
    In 2011-2012 Sylvain was also a French translator of David J. Anderson’s book “Kanban”.
    Sylvain contributes in promoting lean/agile methods and practices in Luxembourg, France and Belgium. In 2013 he is president of the Agile Interest Group Luxembourg.

  • Yolanda Moya
  • Yolanda Moya | Secretary
  • Cédric Pontet
  • Cédric Pontet | Treasurer

    Cédric is a seasoned Lean and Agile practitioner and a software expert. He started his software engineering career in 2001 in Luxembourg, and started his agile journey in 2003, when he discovered the Agile Manifesto for the first time.
    Since 2005, he has been happily employed at Agile Partner, where he’s had the chance to work on a large variety of projects for customers in both public and private sector. Gaining experience and acquiring new technical knowledge and people skills, he is frequently assuming different roles within the teams he works with. It goes from technical lead and architect, to agile coach and mentor, as well as expert in agile practices and ALM.
    Occasional speaker, Cédric is also co-organizer of #play14, the international Serious Games gathering, and sometimes helps with Startup Weekend Luxembourg. His current interests revolve around domain-driven design, event-driven architectures, cloud computing and the DevOps movement.

  • Brigitte
  • Brigitte Dethier | Board member – PMI relations
  • Arnaud Lamouller-Bonaventure
  • Arnaud Lamouller-Bonaventure | Board member

    I am a passionate, professional and versatile Agile/Lean Project Manager with 15 years of experience in varied IT projects and roles.

    • I deploy every useful tools available to reach projects’ goals and satisfy customers’ needs,
    • I guide software development teams towards best practices,
    • I help each team member to increase value and quality of their deliveries,
    • I support companies/teams in “converting” their Agile Transformation by fully adopting Scrum or Kanban frameworks,
    • I deliver conferences and organize workshops in Companies and in Software Development Community to promote Agility and Constructive Communication.

Our goal

Foster knowledge sharing between agile practitioners and all interested people alike
Promote agility in Luxembourg (and the Greater Region)

Our applicable domains

Agile software development but not only…
Agility outside IT
And more generally connections with Lean, Business and Project Management

Our activities

Regular think tanks and drinks
Events, conferences and workshops
Web site (currently reworked)

 Download statutes