AIGLU aims at connecting agile coaches and change agents to help them grow
and become more effective together in developing an agile culture in Luxembourg


    Luxembourg City pano Wikimedia Commons

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Regularly, we organize events related to Agility in Luxembourg. We want to promote Agility and to share knowledge and Experience during these sessions.

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Do you want to know what is happening within AIGLU ? These are news of the Agile Interest Group Luxembourg Association life : Events, People, Website, Agile documentations from Aiglu, etc...

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About us

Agile Interest Group Luxembourg stand as a core for Agile Methods Users; Scrum, Lean and XP Practionners. This Group operates monthly on the Luxemburg Place by animating conferences, workshops and other masterclasses.
Here's the place where you can share experience, sharing best practices and meeting the agile Experts.

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